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Aug. 26th, 2005 @ 07:18 am The Path One Dares Not Travel...
The white mist swelled and swirled about the carriage wheels as they scuttled further along the cold, hard ground. Wheel ruts carved into the night hardened road, occasionally causing the carriage to shift into its path. Tree limbs howled and bellowed with rushing winds, dry leaves rattling on their branches as the four horse ride rolled onwards. Moonlight beamed down and broke, shattered through the embrace of the skeleton forest, its pieces littering a dull white light along the wilderness floor. Yellow eyes blinked out from bushes and behind large rocks, bringing eerie stares to the driver, the four horses, and the young woman within the confounds of the ornate ride.

Very few clouds actually marred the midnight sky as Annaliese Trüble gazed outward from her cushioned seat. Pale skinned hands clutched her cream white cloak tighter at her breast, the lack of green and flower outside on the ground oozing a sense of despair into her mind. Nervous breaths waft forth, white trails of heated air leaving quivering young lips. Her own pair of pooling pumpkin hues blinked out then down to the bag at her feet.

The carriage gave a shudder and slow as it came to a stop in the middle of the road. The girl shifted her weight to peek out of the window and up at the driver. Even in the moonlight he was received as ghostly pale. Frightened. His voice trembled in his crooked neck, Adam’s apple bobbling with a nervous gulp. The driver spoke words he’d said to many others before her, instructing her that the path ahead was one he dared not travel upon. That if she wished to continued she must do so alone.

Gathering her wits and her courage, the girl took hold of the bags handle, lifting it as she stood to leave the carriage. Only moments later once the driver had been paid the fare required and she’d been told where to head and how far did the young woman roam beyond and into the lands the outside villagers breathed no word of for fear of it was too great.

Anna watched the driver, the four horses, and her only easy way back to simple life hurry off in retreat to the town she’d just hailed from. With bag gripped by both hands before her, she held staggering breath as the kerosene lamp blinked out of sight down the long narrow road. Her hair whipped and flagged about her face, brown ringlets flailing helplessly in the breeze. Everything tensed up and seized, ceasing to move. She was alone now…

So very alone…
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