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In the tunnels of that twisted wood, whose low prodigious oaks twine groping boughs and shine dim with the phosphorescence of strange fungi, dwell the furtive and secretive zoogs; who know many obscure secrets of the dream-world and a few of the waking world, since the wood at two places touches the lands of men, though it would be disastrous to say where.

H.P. Lovecraft

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Sep. 4th, 2005 @ 11:36 am A homecoming...
Kinsey had walked the trails of nightmare, winding their way through the Forest and its attendant realms. He had discreetly visited many places, both remembered of old and new-made since last he trod their half-imagined soil. Few indeed were the places that had not felt the touch of his presence, though fewer were those who had known what that presence meant. Now, though, he was returning home, reclaiming his birthright of old: the Spires of the Weave.

Looming over the far edge of the forest, past the clearings and thickets most heavily shrouded in his followers' webs, the Spires were a trio of tall alabaster towers, leaning against one another at their peak to form a broad, trigonal pyramid of the negative space they described. That negative space was filled with webs, most of the palace's chambers wrought of those silken walls, dangling from the spires.

Making his way down the long-abandoned path, Kinsey paused at the base of one of the spires. The silver gates were stronger than they looked, their gossamer strands capable of holding back an army. With a brush of his hand, he parted them like curtains, the magic of the gates recognizing their lord. Up and up through the spire he climbed, at last arriving at the chamber which formed the pinnacle of all three, the chamber that held his throne.

The roof was open to the sky above, bright moonlight limning everything in pale silver. The floor was mostly open as well, a yawning hole covered by the thinnest of webs, though again that frailty was deceptive. Through the web of the floor, a petitioner could see all the way to the ground, hundreds of feet below, and would need to stand at the web's center to address the prince in his throne. It was the throne he claimed now, one which glowed a faint silver even when the moon retreated behind a cloud, for it had been wrought in the days when the Weaving Children practiced their arts weaving moonbeams to catch secrets.

As he settled into place, a little shiver ran through the world. At long last, the Prince of Spiders had returned.
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Aug. 26th, 2005 @ 07:18 am The Path One Dares Not Travel...
The white mist swelled and swirled about the carriage wheels as they scuttled further along the cold, hard ground. Wheel ruts carved into the night hardened road, occasionally causing the carriage to shift into its path. Tree limbs howled and bellowed with rushing winds, dry leaves rattling on their branches as the four horse ride rolled onwards. Moonlight beamed down and broke, shattered through the embrace of the skeleton forest, its pieces littering a dull white light along the wilderness floor. Yellow eyes blinked out from bushes and behind large rocks, bringing eerie stares to the driver, the four horses, and the young woman within the confounds of the ornate ride.

Very few clouds actually marred the midnight sky as Annaliese Trüble gazed outward from her cushioned seat. Pale skinned hands clutched her cream white cloak tighter at her breast, the lack of green and flower outside on the ground oozing a sense of despair into her mind. Nervous breaths waft forth, white trails of heated air leaving quivering young lips. Her own pair of pooling pumpkin hues blinked out then down to the bag at her feet.

The carriage gave a shudder and slow as it came to a stop in the middle of the road. The girl shifted her weight to peek out of the window and up at the driver. Even in the moonlight he was received as ghostly pale. Frightened. His voice trembled in his crooked neck, Adam’s apple bobbling with a nervous gulp. The driver spoke words he’d said to many others before her, instructing her that the path ahead was one he dared not travel upon. That if she wished to continued she must do so alone.

Gathering her wits and her courage, the girl took hold of the bags handle, lifting it as she stood to leave the carriage. Only moments later once the driver had been paid the fare required and she’d been told where to head and how far did the young woman roam beyond and into the lands the outside villagers breathed no word of for fear of it was too great.

Anna watched the driver, the four horses, and her only easy way back to simple life hurry off in retreat to the town she’d just hailed from. With bag gripped by both hands before her, she held staggering breath as the kerosene lamp blinked out of sight down the long narrow road. Her hair whipped and flagged about her face, brown ringlets flailing helplessly in the breeze. Everything tensed up and seized, ceasing to move. She was alone now…

So very alone…
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Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 01:55 pm Hunger never sleeps
Current Mood: boredbored
She wound her way through the woods, her wings spread out to catch the updrafts and thermals until she got to the tavern. As she landed her form twisted and shimmered until just a beautiful red headed woman with blood red lips was left of the great batwinged creature that had terrorized an entire village several miles away. The Bride of Dracula used her finger to wipe away the last drops of innocent blood from her crimson lips, and licked it from her fingers as she strolled into the bar.

"Good evening," she purred as she smiled at the other creatures of darkness in the place throwing her cloak back to show off her harem style turkish pink silk gown, and glorious red curls. "I would like wine. Thank you."
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Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 03:57 pm A stroll through the forest.
The night was another dark one, the moon and the stars were out, but with how heavy the trees were in this part of the forest light from them was almost impossible to see. He didn't necessarily need the lantern in his hand to see, but still he carried it with him. A few wanders on a nearby trail had seen the light in the woods earlier and picked up their pace.

His trench coat trailed behind him as he walked smoothly. His face was obscured by his mask as usual, his blue eyes peered into the darkness marking his steps. The friendly smile was still on his face though no one was around to see it. His flesh colored gloved hand held the lantern higher, as his other hand rested in the front pocket of his coat.
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Rabbits wear glasses
Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 11:59 am (no subject)
Current Mood: dead
Current Music: The Crow - City of Angels
She walked into the bar dressed in a long black leather coat. It was frayed at the edges, and in only slightly better shape than the other clothes she was wearing. They all looked like they'd been stolen from a Goodwill bin except for the coat. Callie had taken that off of a goth kid that had gotten in her way. Her face was almost white as death, dark ashen tears had stained her cheeks and lips. She thought she might find someone here who could help her answer the big questions.

Why was she back?
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Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 10:44 am Introduction
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Firestarter by Prodigy
A group of triplets walk in to the bar....all three of of them identical in every way Short blond messy hair that looks they just rolled out of bed....but it looks like its suppose to be like that, very eye catching chartreuse eyes, angular features and full carnation pink pouty lips. Identical in every way except for what they are wearing. They are dressed in a super short mini skirts and sharp cut power blazers. Very chic and business looking except for the heels and the garters that are peeking out from under their skirts...that give suggestions of another nature or profession. One is dark blue, one is wearing white and the other black. One of the women smiles at the waitress and says, "Who is drinking alone? Thats terrible...we will be happy to join them." The other two girls just smile pleasantly and say nothing. She smiles again and waits for your response.
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Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 12:10 pm (no subject)
A dark mist settles over the forest, though it is spread throughout the wood line there is a certain sense that as it moves it is directing itself. As it passes things change underneath it, where once was a farmhouse is now nothing but a crumpled ruin, but it does not destroy everything it touches. As it continues to move it passes over a corpse, in seconds the corpse is gone replaced with a beautiful white rose surrounded in a rose bush of black buds.
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Aug. 11th, 2005 @ 02:37 pm (no subject)
Most of the normal denizens of the world were all crowded into the little inn for the night, the rain was pouring down in sheets, and though they were normally to frightened to spend much time in the inn they decided the warmth of a good fire was worth the risks. The inn was lavishly down, and while none of the bottles behind the bar were labeled, the bartender knew which was which and was eager to serve. There was a stair cases in the rear of the barroom itself, and barely unnoticeable underneath the stairs was a small doorway with a padlock on it.

None of the denizens knew how long he had been in the bar, one minute the shadowy corner had been empty and then the next a man had been sitting there. His black trench coat kept most of his form obscured, his hands covered in flesh colored gloves. A mask was on his face, making only his deep blue eyes, friendly smile, and blondie hair visible. Most of the people gave his table a wide berth, but everyone could almost swear he was watch each and every one of them.
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Rabbits wear glasses
Aug. 11th, 2005 @ 02:31 pm The OOC Opening
This is just a little ooc note from the MODs welcoming everyone who has joined or those that have been watching to join. There is still a little work to be done to everything, but I feel its ready to open. Suggestions are definitely appreciated, and any and all ideas are welcome here; at least for consideration. If you would like your character's info added to the world info just reply to this post with name/fandom/ category. Once again thank you for coming, enjoy your stay, remember to have fun and let everyone else have fun. May all your days be circus days!
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