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Sep. 4th, 2005 @ 11:36 am A homecoming...
Kinsey had walked the trails of nightmare, winding their way through the Forest and its attendant realms. He had discreetly visited many places, both remembered of old and new-made since last he trod their half-imagined soil. Few indeed were the places that had not felt the touch of his presence, though fewer were those who had known what that presence meant. Now, though, he was returning home, reclaiming his birthright of old: the Spires of the Weave.

Looming over the far edge of the forest, past the clearings and thickets most heavily shrouded in his followers' webs, the Spires were a trio of tall alabaster towers, leaning against one another at their peak to form a broad, trigonal pyramid of the negative space they described. That negative space was filled with webs, most of the palace's chambers wrought of those silken walls, dangling from the spires.

Making his way down the long-abandoned path, Kinsey paused at the base of one of the spires. The silver gates were stronger than they looked, their gossamer strands capable of holding back an army. With a brush of his hand, he parted them like curtains, the magic of the gates recognizing their lord. Up and up through the spire he climbed, at last arriving at the chamber which formed the pinnacle of all three, the chamber that held his throne.

The roof was open to the sky above, bright moonlight limning everything in pale silver. The floor was mostly open as well, a yawning hole covered by the thinnest of webs, though again that frailty was deceptive. Through the web of the floor, a petitioner could see all the way to the ground, hundreds of feet below, and would need to stand at the web's center to address the prince in his throne. It was the throne he claimed now, one which glowed a faint silver even when the moon retreated behind a cloud, for it had been wrought in the days when the Weaving Children practiced their arts weaving moonbeams to catch secrets.

As he settled into place, a little shiver ran through the world. At long last, the Prince of Spiders had returned.
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