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nightmare_lands's Journal

The Land Where Nightmares Begin.
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The carriage driver stops and yells at you to dismount. He shakes his head at you obviously terrified and points to the North.

"If you would continue, than you do so alone. This is where the Phantom Lands begin."

If you do continue you will find yourself slowly moving away from reality and into the nightmares that keep you trapped at night. Anything and everything can happen here, and if your not careful your dead end may be sooner than you think. There is a fog here, it moves and caress as if it were alive, some who lose themselves in it are never seen again, other lose themselves in it and find powers both dark and terrible.

The landscape is ever changing, one minute a castle stands omniously, and then the next its replaced by a overgrown graveyard. There is one constant however, a small inn located in the very middle of the woods. Anything you can imagine is present, and if the right questions are asked all of your vices can be met.

"We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight."
H.P. Lovecraft


This is an RP community geared to the darker side of the world, but by no means do you have to be one of the denizens that abided here. You can very easily be someone who has wandered to far and has gotten lost in the woods. A couple of rules abide even here though.

1. Material of a violent or sexually nature needs to be behind lj cuts, with a warning on it. Also if your rping with someone for the first time be considerate before sharing something very violent with them. Be considerate of who your playing with and have fun.

2. God characters are allowed here, but understand none of your domains are here and you may find yourself weaker and in some cases even powerless.

3. God moding is strictly not allowed, and there is to be no serious harm to the character unless agreed upon. Also death does not work here, no one truly dies in a dream.

4. In this community there are random people always wandering around (NPCs) and you are free to torture and harm any you see fit.

5. In this community there will be events from time to time, these events are not mandatory and in no way do you have to take part in them, also if you have an event in mind feel free, but remember everyone having fun is the goal here.

The Nightmares:
bloody_cobbler The Bloody Cobbler/Ravenloft and OC character
cursed_one_ Jacob Remi/ Original Character
psycho_bateman Patricik Bateman/ American Psycho
chartreuseeyes Angeline Dogstar/ Original Character
soul_autumn Reiko Yavie/ Marvel based
bride_of_dracul Aleera/ Original Character, Vampire

The Dreams:
butterfly_souls Julie/Original Character
myrianna Mistress Myrianna/ Original Character
ravens_shadows Callie/Original Character, Crow
i_am_jcei Annaliese Trüble/ Original Character

The Restless:
denver_sinclair Denver Sinclair/ Orginal Character, Vampire
the_dark_mists The Mist/Original Character